Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Send sunshine

Oh February.  We were so glad to see it go.  February was the month of the sick.  And I swore up and down and sideways on March 1st, that we had seen the last of the sick.

And it was going so well, until the school name came up on my call display at work today at 11:30am.  And now?  One five year old, down for the count.  Fever, sore tummy, sore everything.

Well crap.

We need SOMETHING here.  A break would be a good start.  We need fresh air and sunshine, and vegetables that haven't traveled 3000 kilometers to get here from California. 

I'm throwing myself on the mercy of the universe, and letting it know that we can't take much more of this.  The tractor is broken, the car has been stuck in the driveway for 2 days, the kid is sick again, and I?  I am finished.

That is all. 

Please send sunshine.


Ginger said...

I am sending you some of our early spring! Minus the rain we will be getting for the next 7 days...but we have had plenty of warm sun and lovely breezes. I will expedite the shipping as well!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon and spring arrives to you in quick fashion.

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