Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creative juices gone elsewhere

So maybe we're friends on Facebook and you've seen my soaps now. No? Well, they'll be here soon's OK, they're worth the wait.

Anyway, I've been soaping. And sewing. And being witty, but in spurts. Somedays, I use up all my potential on Facebook, because I can only manage to be cohesive and humorous in very short spurts. (Not 140 characters short, but there are those days too.)

So, in lieu of complete sentences, engaging stories, thoughtful provocative editorials (HA!) or even cute pictures of my kids, I present you with this cheater post, called "I'm actually funnier on Facebook." Enjoy. Back to regular programming on Monday!

Fall: too many coats, not enough hooks.

Jennifer Jansen is taking some tea, and some chocolate, and an ipod (and the baby monitor) down to the laundry room, to show Mt Foldmore who's boss. (Me. I'm the boss.)
(Edited to add: this idea? Epic fail.)

Dear all the earwigs that have been living in my chimney: BURN, suckers, BURN!

For my birthday, if someone wanted to come over and fold all the laundry for me, I would crown you maker of the best birthday ever!

Not only am I about to become a Halo Widow, but I am actively participating in my own widowhood buy going to the store to BUY it for Steve! Wife of the year, right here people.

Mt. Foldmore has reached epic heights. I think it's starting to snow at the top.

Nothing finishes off a weekend quite quite like being puked all over.

Griffin: this is good pretend coffee! Me: You're not authorized to drink coffee till you're 16! Griffin: Pretend I'm 16. Me: Fine. Get a job.

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Sara said...

Well it made me smile :)