Saturday, January 01, 2005

All About Us

Welcome To The Roof!

The Scene: Our story takes place on a tiny slice of heaven in the Greater Roof Area- the Roof of Ontario that is. Our country abode sits mere miles down the road from the highest point in the province of Ontario.

Cast of Characters:

The Husband: The husband and I met many moons ago, when we were both very busy living our past lives. We "reconnected" in the summer of 2004, otherwise known as The Summer of Love, in a teeny tiny town called Blyth Ontario. We both quickly waved goodbye to our past lives, and started surfing the real estate listings for a place away from The Big Stink (aka Toronto) We had dreams of rolling hills, country sunrises, and the pitter patter of little feet running through the yard. We found our house and moved in, in August of 2005, quickly settling into our new country ways.

Steve is a lighting and set designer for theatre and dance, if you're interested in taking a peek into his little world, you can do it here. When he's not enjoying long walks on our driveway, he can be found in the basement shooting and killing imaginary dudes in cyber space saving the world. A city mouse gone country, Steve has settled in well to his new life (see photo above!) Shortly after we moved to the Roof, we obtained:

The Dudler: Dudley (Or Baron Jacques Renee Pierre as his pedigree states) is a purebred standard poodle, who came to us from a delightful couple in upstate New York. The Dudler had a bit of a...well, lets call it an "adjustment period" when he came to live with us. He had never been off a leash when he arrived at our 2 and a half acre abode, and never ever could he anticipate the volumes and volumes of snow that we get here! We were worried at first, but Dudley has adjusted incredibly well, and turned out to be a remarkable dog. He's still a little crazy, his propensity for fresh baked goods out of the oven has gotten him in trouble more than a few times, and his barking at cows is getting a little old, but we're happy to have him. He's turning into an excellent companion for:

G-man: We first heard about our little G, when on the morning of our wedding I took some time out from washing my hair and doing my nails, to pee on a stick. 2 little pink lines later, and Steve and I had extra reason for those big smiles in all our wedding photos! Griffin arrived in September of 2005, and he too required a bit of an "adjustment period." Having never been off leash lived out of the womb before, his adjustment period mostly consisted of learning to keep his milk in his belly, and figuring out how to sleep. We've got the milk in the belly down pat. We're still (3 years later!) working on the sleep!

Griffin is smart, funny, and gosh darnit if he isn't the most adorable little creature that I've ever laid my eyes on. He has made life here on The Roof a whole lot sunnier!

And then there's me: I am a 30 something Mama and wife, and when I'm not hanging out on the internet, I work for an environmental education charity that (in a nutshell) teaches kids how to save the planet. Frankly, I'd rather be at home with my boys, but baking cookies doesn't pay the bills, and it is nice to go out and do something worthwhile if I have to be heading to work at all! In my spare time (HA!) I can be found out in the veggie garden, or in our basement, sewing quilts galore and various other interesting things. Someday I'd love to make sewing a full time job, but right now the health benefits are just too darn attractive.

And our newest family member to be: Meet "Cheeseball" Corben

Corben joined us here On The Roof in January of 2010, and was born right here in our very own living room. If you're so inclined, you can read all about his birth here. Corben is, thus far, an excellent baby (he's the kind that sleeps!) and we're so happy to have him here as part of our family. Now that we have two children, it's amazing how much of ourselves we can see in our kids. Corben is very much like me, while Griffin is very much like his dad. Watching my two boys, these brothers, interact makes my heart soar. Griffin is a beautiful big brother, Corben is a lucky little dude.

Being a mother is both the best and the hardest thing that I've ever done in my life. I'm a true believer in being open and honest about out "adventures," in the hopes that someone in similar shoes may gain a small bit of wisdom, or at least a good hearty laugh at all the crazy stuff we go through!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy our here little corner of the internet!

(Awesome photo by the awesome Gigi Photography!)