Monday, October 31, 2005

Peeps that keep me from the Laundry

Tired of my blather? Here's a little list of the Mama's that keep me sufficiently distracted from folding my laundry!! Tell it like it is Mama!

A Crafty Mom

Adventures in Babywearing

Barefoot in the Country

Becoming Sarah

Boondock Ramblings


Burgh Baby

Canadian Thoughts in Texas

Classy Chaos


Confessions of a Coal Miner's Grandaughter

Dutch Blitz

Eckenrode Family

Flux Capacitor

Live. Laugh. Pull Your Hair Out.

My Girl Thursday.

Ordinary Days

Ramble On Cat

Redbeet Mama

She Puts Her Quiet Hands in Mine

So Fawned

Sleepless Nights

The Boo and The Boy

The Small Moments

Three Weddings

This Fish

Yankee Drawl

Friends of the Roof

EVERYBODY is our friend. (OK, mostly everybody.) But these stand-up peeps, these are peeps we actually KNOW!! They're pretty cool, some of them are a little bit crazy, check 'em out!

Family Meyer Odell

Family Hopkins Macdonnell

The Stoskis

Adoring Adara and Other Pursuits

Mad Craft Alphabet Shoppe

BabyMakes Knitting and Sewing

Rocket Cheese

Gliding Through Motherhood


Knits Like a Man

East Downtowner

Julia and Rafa , and the New and Improved Julia and Rafa

Romano DiNilo

Sharron's Party!


Dagda's Cauldron

Oh, and there's more...I'll get to them! (If you think I forgot you, shoot me an email. Sometimes I swear I gave birth to a good chunk of my brain along with my baby, so things get missed sometimes!)

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