Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Moving again

This blog still gets traffic, after three years of being abandoned, which gives me hope for the world!

I'm back on the blogging train, but moved...again.

If you want to find me now, I'm over here - Girl Gone Valley!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We've moved

So we've moved.  Literally, in the real world, and on the internets too. 

We're over here now.  You should stop by (heck, everyone in this village just "Stops by."  It's the thing to do!) 

Soon there will be pictures, I promise.

But in the mean time, visit anyway, would you?  I miss y'all! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Extra adventures

Today we went and spent a hour or so at the new house. Moving a few things in, picking out paint colours, checking it all out again. It seems to get bigger every time we go (or it gets more empty?) and we fall in love with it a little bit more every time we're there.

There is something about the place that just puts me into a certain frame of mind. I don't know what it is, but it seems to scream at me to relax, chill out, enjoy the day. So we came home, and while we worked our tails off for most of the afternoon, we mostly just went with the flow of it all. We ended up having an amazeball of a day. Packing, cleaning, gardening, swinging, hammocking, bbq-ing, running-through-sprinklering. I came to a realization part way through the day that the kids don't give a rats patootie that the house is in 100% chaos right now. It's a mess, there is crap everywhere, and nobody cares. They just want some attention, some pushes on the swings, and someone to get them a snack when they demand ask nicely for it. Heck, the chaos is an extra adventure.

So I'm choosing to see it as that too - an extra adventure. An extra adventure is so much more fun than plain old packing now, isn't it?

 Hope you're having a safe relaxing weekend, wherever you may be!

Monday, May 07, 2012

A milestone

Today we went to check out Griffin's new school.  It's tiny, only about 35 kids in his grade...which is EXACTLY what we're looking for.  I have high hopes for this little beautiful building. You open the front door, and walk up a flight of wooden stairs that creak and groan under your feet, the same way they did under the hundreds upon thousands of tiny (and not so tiny) feet that have gone before you.  The building feels loved. 

I'm excited for the change this will bring!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

May of Insanity

So it's May, and this May is likely to be the May of Insanity.  We've sold our house, we've been packing like mad people.  Steve is off to Japan, and I'm to follow shortly.  And then we come back.  I have a show a week later, three days later than that, we move.


My dearest Gretel made a comment on the blog a few weeks ago, in the midst of my complaining about the endlessness of showings and whatnots.  She said "When it happens it will happen in half a heartbeat and suddenly all will move at lightning speed - see this as the calm before the best lightning storm ever and when the sun rises afterwards you'll be sipping that coffee in your new home and all your dreams will be reality."  I read it and thought "she's totally right."  (I also thought "I love this woman!" and immediatly texted her to tell her so!) 

So here we are, in the midst of our lightening storm.

I don't know how much I'll be able to post for the next few weeks.  But what I have taken on as part of this month (like I don't have enough to do) is a photo a day challenge.  A word prompt each day and uploading a photo is something I CAN work with.  So I think I'll share them here too, if no other reason than to be able to remember a bit of this month of insanity!

May 1st - "Woven"
 May 2nd - "Grass"
May the 3rd - "Up"
 May the 4th (be with you) - "Wheels"
 May 5th - "Breakfast"  (teehee)
Hopefully I can keep these up while we're in Japan....eeeks! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still here...

Still here! Hanging on, playing the waiting game. We have an offer on the house, and pending building inspection and a few other little things, it looks like we're going to make this thing happen. It's just what we do. So please don't go away, I promise we'll be back. There's packing and painting and a little trip to JAPAN (ZOMG, EEEKS!) in the middle of it all. But crossing your fingers, there's big changes on the horizon. And oh my golly, we're just so excited we can hardly wait! But the big day is going to be here, like, tomorrow. It's going to fly. So we're going to savor the chaos that the next few months are likely to bring. Revel in them, dance like no one is watching in them. And pack like the wind, my friends, we're gonna pack like the wind!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in review

I posted on Thursday how happy I was.  By yesterday afternoon, I was feel restless, like CRAZY restless.

I REALLY thought we were getting an offer on Friday.  It still might come, but I thought it would be here already.

We went and visited some friends in the Valley yesterday, close to the new house, and talked some more about us moving up there, and what we were going to do with the house, and so on and so forth.  And by the time we got home, I was feeling antsy...

Talking about all the wonderful things we're going to do is starting to wear on me...I want to actually DO all the wonderful things!  I am so ready to move on, so open to doing it, that I'm getting restless to get it all started.

But then this afternoon I went for a hike in the woods.  Found a crazy little piece of geography, just minutes from our house, that I've never found before.  Relaxed a bit.  And then I felt better about the world.

Oh, and this weekend there was also this:  (note the gaping hole on the lower level.)
However, as I posted on Facebook, the next time the note from the tooth fairy should read:  "Please don't wake your parents up at 5am to show them what I left you."  Yeah.

Some of the beauty I found in the woods:

 Somebody needs a haircut...

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have mere moments to type this, before my battery runs out, but it was important for me to come here tonight and note this:

I am happy.

Life is good.  Things feel like they are moving in the right direction.  Maybe slightly slower than I would move them in said direction, but that's not such a bad thing either.  Maybe it's time for me to slow down and savour all that is.  Because it's all pretty wonderful right now.  My children are both a wonderful ages - both learning and growing and constantly amazing me with all that they know, and the beautiful little men they are becoming.  Our home life is about to change, for the better, the SO much better.  The sun shines on my face each morning when I wake, there is coffee in the pot and food in the fridge, and more love to go around than we know what to do with some days.

And so, I am happy.  We all are these days.  And I'm starting to be convinced that through all the choices that we make, there is really no better way to strive to be.

I hope you are happy too!

With love,


Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Weekend

Beauty and babies (that aren't so babyish) and swings and things.  An excellent weekend, had by all.

So here's the thing...

So as you know, our house is on the market. What you might not know is that showing our house means unplugging the computer, because the cord runs across a hallway that we usually keep the door closed on, but since people like to walk though hallways when they're seeing a house (whaa? Who cares?) we have to unplug the thing. What you also may not know is that when I type posts on the iPad there is no spacing, no matter how much spacing I put in the draft, it always publishes it with none. And you also might not know that all my pictures of Easter that are on my camera, are still on my camera, because the damn computer is unplugged, again, and it takes about 35 minutes to boot up. And what you may guess that all this is getting around to is that there are some cute pictures from Easter (Happy Easter, by the way) that I'd like to share, but won't right now, because I can't. What you also might have guessed is that this showing the house business is really starting to wear on me, and I think today's showing should be the one that sells the house, just so we can be done with this and move on already. That is all.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crossing fingers and toes

*tap tap tap*

"Is this thing still on?"

"Can anyone hear me?"

(hears distant, far off cry in response)

"Yes? Yes! Can you hear me in the back there?"


Oh hai. Glad you're still here. Things have been a wee bit nutso around here this week. And aren't likely to get much better.

Slightly sad face, as our little Blue House on the roof has a big old "For Sale" sign on it. But as bigger and better things are afoot, we're not ones to dwell.

(I'll wax poetic about it before we go, I promise.)

In the mean time, we deal with showings upon showings, none of which we complain about (out loud,) as they all get us one step closer to our goal - to move forward and move on and to start anew.

And we cross our fingers and our toes and our anything else's, that this all works out the way (the way that we feel in our bones) that it's meant to work out.

If you have any spare fingers, or toes, or anything elses, won't you cross them for us too? We'd very much appreciate it if you did!

With love, from the Roof, Us

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plan D (or is it F? I've lost track)

Well, in typical roof fashion, we've gone and changed the plan.  Again.

After some serious research, and some time spent gathering facts and (dollar) figures, we had to say goodbye to our dream property.  It was sad.  The plain fact was that it's "tucked far away from the road-ness" that was it's crowning joy, was also to be it's largest demise.  We were going to blow 75% of the budget before we even started on the house, just getting services up the driveway, not to mention turning the path in the woods INTO a driveway just to get the service trucks up to the building envelope.

So there.

But now, we've gone and done something TOTALLY crazy.  And so TOTALLY us.

We have put in an offer (and had it accepted) on a barn built in the 1800's in a teeny tiny village just a few minutes north of here.  The barn has been transformed into a house, and a lovely, quirky, eclectic house it is. 

And provided we can sell this house, it's our new home. 

It's going to be big, because it's going to mean new schools, and new daycares, and a smaller house on less property, and a new community.  But the community is nothing short of awesome, and about 90% of the reason we're moving. 

I'm excited, and nervous, and crossing my fingers that someone will come along and love this little Blue House as much as we did when we first walked though the door, almost 7 years ago to the day.

Wish us luck.  And if you know of anyone that wants to buy a beautiful little Blue House in the country, that is full of love (we got married right here in 2006) and happy baby vibes (Corben was born meters away from where we said our "I do's," just 4 years later,) then let us know!

Much love, from The Blue House

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The many faces of G

Asking Griffin to smile for the camera yields a lot of shenanigans these days.  But since he's so damn cute, I really don't mind one little bit.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Patty O'Lantern

It's March 17th, St. Patty's day. Never in all that I can remember, has there been a March 17th as lovely as today.

Not only was today lovely, in the "holy eff it's 20 degrees, and I'm gardening...and skiing, on same day'" (I know a woman who actually DID THIS today!) way, but it was also lovely in that "ilovemylifesomuchatthismoment" kind of way. (Combined with the "ireallylikefastridesbutimoldernowandpleasecanweslowdown!" kind of lovely.) (And the ever so popular "I love our children, but how much do you think we can get from them on e-Bay?" kind of "lovely.")

Too....much....punctuation....for...St....Patty's day....

All this to say:

Today was lovely. In so many ways. I know it's been quiet around here. And it's been quiet, along with strange, and cryptic, apparently, on Facebook. And it still is. But I promise you this: once we make up our minds, as to what we are doing with our lives, you'll be the first to know.

When I know, you'll know...just gimmie a few more minutes to figure it out, m'kay!!??

However, what I do know that I am doing right now is enjoying a campfire, in my
"camping clothes," on Saturday March 17th. And that we dined tonight, with our buddy, Al Fresco, earlier in the season that we ever have.

And I know that it's entirely too far on in the evening to be doing silly things Ike uploading pictures, even though they are copious.

And I know that even though I'm sure it's going to snow again this month, if not next; I am currently dreaming about gardens and picnics and campfires...and you can't make me stop.

And I do know that life is really not bad right now, but I'm about 97.9% sure that it's about to get so very much better.

And I do know that my wine glass is empty. Yup, that I know. Better fix that.

Happy St. Pati'o day, my friends.