My Bucket List

32 Things To Do,Before I Kick It ( In no particular order)

1. Live abroad for a year.
2. Make out with my husband at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
3. Swim with dolphins.
4. Spend some time hanging out in Montana.
5. Do a road trip across the US.
6. Take the train from Halifax to Vancouver.
7. Visit Hillegom, where my father was born.
8. Visit Voorburg, where my mother was born.
9. Take a trip to Moosenee.
10. Drive my brother’s Mustang.
11. Skydive.
12. Give Griffin a little sibling.
13. Eat at the French Laundry.
14. Go White Water Rafting.
15. Milk a cow, and drink the raw milk.
16. . Live completely off grid for a year, some place just a little bit warmer than here.
17. Go backwoods camping in Algonquin Park.
18. With the kids.
19. Hike (in modest chunks) the entirety of the Bruce Trail.
20. Get a hot tub.
21. From astride a motorcycle, with the kids in sidecars, drive from Vienna to Venice to Rome to Corleone to Palermo, and then fly home.
22. Build the bestest, most kicking assest tree house that you ever did see.
23. Retire from set design and saving the planet and start our own business.
24. Plant fruit trees on our property.
25. Take a tropical vacation.
26. Give birth to our next baby in our own home.
27. Make a quilt for my son, the only kid that I know that doesn't own a quilt made by me.
28. Buy some land
29. Build a passive solar home on said land.
30. Own the entire Criterion Collection on Blu-Ray.
31. Learn how to waltz.
32. Publish something, other than on this site.