Monday, September 24, 2007

The Summer of Love

In our house (as well as a few others) the summer of 2004 is affectionately known as "The Summer of Love."

Let me explain:

There is a wee place, in the heart of Huron County, called Blyth. There is a wee theatre in this here Blyth. From the moment I got out of university (in fact, BEFORE I actually finished university - I believe we officially were convocated in Blyth) I started spending my summers working at the theatre in Blyth.

For those of you that have worked in summer theatre, you know EXACTLY what it's all about, but for those of you that haven't, please to let me explain. Summer theatre (or "summer stock") is kind of like summer camp for adults. Or summer camp with beer. You spend the hottest (read: most scantily clad) part of the year, working and often living in very close proximity to this group of people. You work hard together, eat together, play together, live together, drink one dollar drafts together, and as a direct result of all of the above, you often end up sleeping together too. Summer theatre is (in) famous for the amount of coupling that happens throughout the course of the season. And while there is certainly lots of pairing off during the summer, it's rare that one of these pairs lasts too much into the fall after everyone packs up their suitcases and heads back to the big city (and puts their summer wardrobe away!)

There is, of course, an exception to every rule.

The Summer of Love is responsible for FOUR (count 'em - 4!!) couples, who to this day are still together. Yours Truly, and Hubby o'mine are the first of those couples. We got engaged just less than a year after the summer of love, got hitched, and Griffin was born around 9 months later (...give or take!) Kater and Arras got engaged 3 days after we did, and wee Cameron was born 3 months after Griffin. Sarah and Nevin were engaged and married in 2006, and wee Dylan was born in April of this year.

And yesterday we enjoyed an absolutely fantastic day at the wedding of couple #4, Stef and Dan. (Stef and Dan don't have a blog, but clearly they need one!)

It was a beautiful sunny day, the wedding was simple, yet elegant, completely unpretentious, and full of joy, and love from the heart. We had a delightful time spending the day with friends and hooligans alike, maybe shaking a little bootie as the night wore on, and maybe (just maybe) drinking too much wine with Kater and Arras until 3 in the morning back at the B & B. It was an absolutely delightful time!

From one victim of the Summer of Love to another, we wish Stef and Dan all the best in their new lives! You guys need a blog if you want to be part of this gang. Oh, and a baby!

(I was not in charge of the camera last night, and the one who was in charge didn't really get any great pictures of Happily Married Couple #1 for me to share with you. There are, however, lots of pictures of semi-drunken hooligans on our camera. So instead of Stef and Dan, I give you Hooligans!!:)


gretel said...

You shine your mag on an aspect of the Blyth experience I just totally missed out on...being all growed up and married already! At least I got to play poker and catch bats!
Yay for love!

Jenn said...

You slept in a room next door to me, in a VERY small trailer, for a whole would have been hard to miss out on EVERYTHING!!