Sunday, October 23, 2005

Burr Dudley

Poor Dudley had a cruel reminder yesterday that he is still horribly unaccustomed to rural ways. He decided to go for a wee romp in the field, and ran straight through the bushes and bushes of burrs. Now remembering that Dud is a poodle and pretty furry, and then recalling the principals of velcro, and you have a pretty good idea what our city pup looked like when he returned from his romp! Of course his instinct was to get them off, but in the process of removing them with his teeth, he managed to swallow a good handful of them.

Did you know that burrs can embed themselves in the throat? In the stomach? In joints? Dudley knows that now, too bad we couldn't have equipped him with that information before hand! Poor thing is now on antibiotics, anti inflammatories, and a stomach coating liquid...He is one unhappy puppy! He's finally asleep now, probably dreaming of the pretty green Upstate New York backyards of yore.

We have a book that we got when we moved out here, called Essential Country Skills or something like that. They should make one for dogs I think. Stay out of the burr patches. Stay away from the road. Stay away from little black smelly things with white stripes on their backs! We're hoping that never happens, but preparing for what we figure is the inevitable. Luckily our Essential Country Skills book includes a recipe for deskunking your dog. It's in the book - it must be inevitable!

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