Monday, November 14, 2005

Cancer, and Horses (2 totally unrelated topics)

So my Dad died last week. It was a pretty shitty week, to say the least. In fact, as far as shitty events in my life go, I think this currently tops the list. Although I can’t say that it’s a terribly long list, so I guess I should consider myself lucky that way. Except I don’t feel very lucky right now.

Dad died last week on Monday November 7th, at 5:55 in the afternoon (a time my Mom predicted, in fact.) He was in the hospital, only briefly, and went peacefully and quietly, just the way he wanted to. He fought like a S.O.B. against the cancer that started to attack him about 4 years ago. But he lost.

Cancer is evil. Cancer sucks. The thing that sucks even more about cancer is that something like 1 in 3 people will get it. There are things that you can do to keep the evil away, and I highly suggest that everyone take a look into it, cause chances are pretty good that you or one you love is going to end up with it. My dad never had time to go to the doctor, never thought too much about his health at all. He saw more doctors in the past 4 years than he did in the 53 years preceding that. But it was too late. And although I think he lived longer than an ordinary person might have done, faced with the same circumstances, he still went way to fricking soon. So stop smoking all you silly people, eat well, live right, and when something feels “funny”, swallow your stupid pride and go to the damn doctor!! Unfortunately sometimes it sneaks up on you and it’ll get you anyway, but do everything you can do to avoid it. It sucks.

When I got home after spending the past 2 weeks between Mom and Dad’s house, the hospital, and my brother’s house, I discovered something that made me pretty happy in the midst of all this sucking. Horses, 2 of them, that had previously been residing way way far back in the neighbors field, have been moved to the pasture that is outside my kitchen window. I decided that I was going to bestow them with names, since if we were going to be friends we should be on a first name basis. I’m sure they already have names, but I don’t care! One of them is a dark black beauty, I decided to call her Grace because I like the way she walks. The other one is a massive Palomino, with hooves bigger than my head. She is a soft luscious brown colour, with a white wispy mane and tail. I named her Willow, something about her size, and the way her tail fluttered in the breeze. Now a cynic may notice that I have a pair of horses essentially named Will and Grace, but they bear no relation whatsoever to the TV show. Grace (Or Gracey as I’ll call her) and Willow are fantastically beautiful creatures, and I’m so happy that they’ve decided to move into view of my kitchen window!

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