Friday, April 21, 2006

Drinking with a Legend

Steve spent Wednesday night drinking beers around the kitchen table of a Canadian Legend. Steve and Eric Coates and Randy Hughson (Canadian legends in their own rights!) spend the evening drinking and singing and shootin the shit with none other than Stompin' Tom Connors. How cool is that! Steve came home smellin like a Friday Morning, liver slightly damaged but nothing permanent. And a hell of a story to tell to our little 'uns! Show R&D (research and development) doesn't get much better than this!

(I won't mention that their evening was cut "short" at 5am when one of them reached their pregnant and slightly hysterical wife who spent the night wondering why no one had called to say when they were coming home, with visions of cars in ditches dancing in her head. No, I won't mention that at all. Oops. Partypooper.)

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