Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Landscape Formerly Known as My Belly Button

I am coming to grips with the fact that my formerly pretty spectacular innie may soon become non existant, or heaven forbid, turn into an outie!

I've always been quite fond of my belly button, not that it's anything to write home about. I'm seeing a whole new side of my belly button now, getting to see the real inner landscape of it as it slowly gets pushed out into non existance. I think the belly button may be one of the hardest body parts to get clean, I mean really clean, on a regular basis. Well now I have the cleanest belly button around, due to the fact that I can see more of it than I ever have before. It's kind of exciting in that way, but I shudder at the prospect of ending up with a full blown outie as I near the completion of pregnancy. Kendra used to freak out about the potential of having an outie as a result of pregnancy, and I used to scoff and laugh at her. Now that the potential is staring me in the face, I regret every time I laughed at Kendra's fears, and hope I (and my belly button) are not punished for my sins!!

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