Sunday, May 28, 2006

81 Trees

Over the last few weeks, we have planted 81 trees (with the help of my Mom). 81 trees is nothing to sneeze at, even if they're wee. We're pretty proud of ourselves infact! We also added mulch to them all, and dug up all the grass around the existing trees on the property and added mulch to them too. Built an herb garden, planted it, dug up the beds around the house (planting TBA), not to mention a trip to Banff and back.

Also not to mention a broken riding lawnmower (again!) And a broken weed-eater. And a broken down car. That's right - the car too. We seem to have a problem with anything with an engine in it. Engine's don't like us. The feeling is beginning to be mutual. I mentioned to Steve the possibility of us becomming mennonites. He didn't go for it. I don't think Mennonites are allowed to watch big screen movies in their basements with their projectors. Not that we have one of those's still in the shop.

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