Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week 1

I promised myself I would keep the regular blogging up, not only for our sakes, but for something for Griffin to enjoy when he got older. If he would consider sleeping more, it may be possible.

This first week (and a half by now) has been an adventure…the learning curve is high here! One of the most important thing’s we’ve learned is how to nurse while lying down…which means baby eats, and mommy sleeps! This my friends, has been a revelation!

I think we had a relatively accurate idea of what the first 2 weeks would be like, what I didn’t expect (for some reason) was just how sore I would be…of course it makes sense, I pushed a baby out! But the waddling in pain around the house has yet to cease, and has been complicated by an infection in the teeny tiny tear I had. Generally, things are unhappy down there. But hey, they can only get better.

Other important lessons we have learned this week:

-Griffin prefers “open air” peeing – as in when his diaper is off and there is nothing in the way of him peeing all over the change table, his daddy, or himself.
-There is nothing that makes a baby want to poop quite like the feel of a clean diaper.
-Excessive gas runs in the family.
-Babies can sense when Mommies and Daddies want to snuggle, and can choose that exact moment to let out a blood curdling wail.
-There is no such thing as schedules.
-Anybody who says they sleep like a baby has never had one.

In other exciting news, my super husband (who has previously ranked pretty high on the Husband-O-Meter, and is now ranking just as high on the New-Daddy-O-Meter) quietly turned 40 this week. We will be celebrating properly this Monday with a wee fete, now that things have calmed down a bit. Steve is proving to be the wonderful Dad that I always knew he would be, and is living proof that you don’t actually need as much sleep as you think you do! Happy Birthday my Love, I hope you’re enjoying your present so far!

Daddy and His Birthday Present

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kodeureum said...

Steve, you don't look a day over thirty.