Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Month One

Our little Super Pooper (and Super Puker) is one month old today. One long, sleepless, but rewarding month!

Today we come to you from the Shelburne Public Library - we had a doozer of a thunderstorm last night (that scared the bejezus out of all of us in the middle of the night, mostly the dog) and as a result it seems that we have no phone service this morning. No phones means no internet, and no internet means no blog. Bell Canada, with their ever exemplary service, will send someone out on Friday to check the line. Friday. Today is Wednesday. But because they're Bell, and because they're king of all things phone, we have no choice but to sit around and wait till they show up. Bastards. Meanwhile, it's pretty tough for Steve to run his business from home without the internet...hence the library visit.

So this month has been long, and short all at the same time. When you consider that we haven't slept through the night in 30 days, it's been a very long month. But then we look at Griffin, who is growing out of sleepers already, and just graduated from Newborn to size one diapers (ah, the milestones!) we think of how fast time is flying. Yesterday we went to our first Mommy and Baby Yoga class - Griffin slept through the whole thing - I suppose that means he was relaxed, which after all is the whole point, so I guess it was successful.

According to our baby manual (the very large book that we keep nearby at all times and read furiously when things aren't going right) our "type" of baby has a name - they call them "high need babies." We have a few other words for it, none quite so nice! Despite all our hopes and dreams that Griffin become something other than an artist, it appears we have a little Drama Queen on our hands! Somedays the way he cries you would think the world was ending, when in fact he's just not happy with laying down by himself, or he hates his outfit, or the music that's playing, who knows!! All we know is that despite his cries, the world is not in fact ending, and from our viewpoint is a pretty decent in the country, 2 loving parents, some pretty cute clothes, strange but lovable dog, 8 square meals (at least) a day...who could ask for anything more??

Despite the 3 am screamfests, the endless poop and pukefest, the laundry and all the other fun things that have been added to our life, we are so far enjoying Parenthood. When Griffin is sound asleep in our arms, smiling in his sleep, it makes it all worthwhile, and it makes everything else that crowds up the day seem a little less important - the small stuff a little smaller. And when a stranger in the Fabric store comments on how beautiful he is, it makes my Mommy heart glow with pride!

Life, overall, is good!

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