Thursday, November 16, 2006

A week worth of thoughts

I’ve had lots of intentions to blog this week, just no time to actually get to it. So here’s a week’s worth of thoughts…

Last Thursday….a rant on Nutmeg.
Some clod at Starbucks ruined my perfectly good Gingerbread Latte by sprinkling vile nutmeg on top of it. The Gingerbread Latte is my one holiday indulgence, and I like to start enjoying them as soon as they arrive (usually early November) Luckily I got my paws on one on November 1st, made for me by a rebellious employee who had the ingredients but wasn’t supposed to start making them till the following week. Otherwise this particular clod would have ruined the first one of the season, and that wouldn’t bode well for the holidays. It may have been akin to ruining Christmas. Who puts nutmeg on Gingerbread Lattes? What about “Gingerbread” says “Add Nutmeg?” I hate nutmeg!!! I watched him do it too, thinking to myself “Yummy! Cinnamon!”

And then I drank the whole thing. Because although I hate nutmeg, I’m also cheap, and the damn things cost close to 6 bucks!

Friday…Baby Face.
Friday I went to pick up Steve at the Airport. While standing at the arrivals gate with Griffin in tow, a woman walked by me and gave me the strangest look, like I had pumpkins growing out of my ears or something. I thought to myself “Why the hell are you staring at me like that, bitch??”

And then I realized I had a soother in my mouth.

Griffin’s soother, because every mom knows that’s where you put them when baby spits them out. She must not have been a mom.

Saturday….the arrival of the Play Yard
So we got a play pen this week from my relatives. Sweet! Except they’re not called Play Pen’s anymore. Now they’re called Play Yards. Apparently it’s not politically correct to put your child in a cage anymore. A very tiny FENCED yard is OK, but not a “Pen.” People have too much spare time on their hands!

A delightful day spent with the Grandparents, and the sudden arrival of one L.A. Black. Trouble! I had a few drinks, more than I should have, and woke up feeling like, oh, I hadn’t drank in nearly a year! I forget that more than one glass of wine throws me over the edge into stumbly mom. Lesson learned.

Monday, a big night out.
Monday we enjoyed a trip into the Big Stink for a wee concert at Passe Muraille. Deborah Hay was beautiful and entertaining as always, and Griffin slept soundly next to my chest in the sling for the duration of the show. It’s nice that we can still go out and enjoy adult events with our wee one. The more we do so, I think the more he will get used to it and be OK with it. Cute as ever, he charmed everyone post show, and even managed to wake up for a little while to smile at his fans. Unfortunately very few people got to appreciate his rockin’ outfit, as he spent most of the night in the sling. But here it is for your viewing pleasure:

(I can't get the damn thing to upload, you can see it on Flickr)

Tuesday - Shots
First shots went not nearly as bad as I had immagined! Weighing in at 14lbs 14oz, or super baby is meeting all the benchmarks - he's right on track to becomming a rich Lawyer or Doctor, according to our GP.

Wednesday - I discover Mommy Heaven/Hell
Now I like to shop. Very few red blooded females don't actually like to shop, so I blame it on the gender in general. Last night I discovered Babies R Us. I had no idea that there was so much useless stuff out there that my kid "needs!" They make everything these days - if you can imagine it (and even if you can't) it likely exists. What happened to the days when you looked out the window of the car and played eye spy? You didn't need a back of the seat activity centre to keep you entertained! And a basinette, on a glider, that sits on a base the size of my couch practically, likely with 76 C batteries in it, to glide your baby off to sleep. Now I'm all for our little battery opperated swing, but i don't have one in every room of the house, nor is it a stapel in my life. Sometimes I wonder why people even have kids, when all they want to do is stuff them into battery opperated devices. They should stick to battery operated devices if they like them so much, keep away from the real thing, and avoid getting pregnant all together!

At the same time, a nice collection of educational baby toys to be had, some with hardly any plastic parts even! I fear for the days when Toys R Us becomes a part of our lives. Hopefully we can avoid it!


kodeureum said...

Some Starbucksian must have gotten the Gingerbread Latte confused with the Eggnog Latte. Me, I prefer just gingerbread and eggnog with rum if you've got it, or brandy will do in a pinch. I usually make my own rggnog so I can control the consistency, but the nutmeg is NOT optional. One day I will make it to the nutmeg forest on Cheju island here in Korea and collect a lifetime supply. I just have to find out when it's in season.

14lbs and some-odd ounces. It looks like Griffin's togs will be arriving closer to Christmas. Sorry!

Jenn and Steve said...

There's a nutmeg forest in Korea? Help yourself, my friend, that's one place I won't be visiting!!!