Monday, December 04, 2006

Month Three

Dear Griffin,

Dispite the occasional all night Diner episodes, this month has been lovely - I'm starting to feel like I get you. I think I'm beginnning to understand what it is you're trying to tell me!

(And I digress: The number of people that have asked me if I saw the Crying Baby Oprah Episode this month is astonishing! No I didn't see it. Although I give credit to what this woman is saying, and she may have a point, I think any dummy who spends enough time with their baby can figure out what it is that they need. True that cries often have different sounds to them. She has 5 different "words" for the 5 things that babies often "complain" about - hunger, tired, discomfort, lower gas, and needing to burp. My problem with this is I think babies have more to say than this. What's the word for "I need love, pick me up and cuddle me," or "I'm tired of staring at this dumb assed mobile all day long," or "I don't like it when you wake me up because you're having sex right next to my crib." Spend some time with your kid! Pick them up, carry them around, get to know them, and you'll figure out what they need! And now I'm jumping down off my high horse and continuing on...)

As a result of all this time we've spent together, I think I really like you! You know what you want, and when you want it, you want it NOW. No, NOW. Really Mom, I mean NOWWWWW! You have a very determined personality (some may say stubborn!) and I can see our future together being somewhat trying some days, like when you turn 2. I can see the beginnings of temper tantrums forming in your little head, and we'll work like hell to get that out of you! You've developed a very cute pouty lower lip that comes out at appropriate times. Remember, I'm still smarter than you!

Your dad has been slowing down at work, and we've all been enjoying having him around the house a little bit more.

And when he really wakes up out of the semi consious state he's been in for the past 8 weeks, we're going to have a blast!

Your newest trick is attempting to stick your entire fist into your mouth. Although it makes you look a bit angry, and you get frustrated at not quite being able to get the whole thing in, it's super cute.

You're growing like a week, and the "Too Small" pile of stuff is getting larger by the day. You seem to shit on the clothes just before they're ready to retire, leaving your mark on just about everything we own. Your little sister will be thrilled I'm sure when she comes along to see so many fine memorials to you. You've perfected the blow-out-the-top-of-the-diaper poop, and seem to pick the most oppourtune times to employ this manuvre. Like on the train. (Have you ever tried changing a baby on a train. It's like playing "Operation" on top of a washing machine in the midst of it's spin cycle.)

Your little blue eyes keep getting more blue, and your smile causes women to swoon where ever we go. You're quite the little flirt. Proving once again that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

I love you little dude. You're more enjoyable every day. You give me confidence, make me smile, and make even the coldest nights a little bit warmer. Usually a little bit wetter too, but you take the good with the bad! We're looking forward to showing you what Christmas is all about (Presents!) (I mean, the Christmas Spirit of course) (Naw, I mean presents!!)

Happy December!

Love Mama

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