Wednesday, December 06, 2006

There is such a thing as OVERKILL

So y'all know that I'm a big supporter of Holiday decorating, at it's appropriate time, and in appropriate quantity. There is however, such thing as Overkill.

Exhibit A: Overkill:

This I can not endorse.



I think we got the picture with the first 8 plastic figurines. Did you really need the other 12?

I'm afraid that the photograph can't quite capture this monstrosity in all it's tacky glory. And to see it at night is quite another thing entirely. And these folks don't just get into the "Christmas Spirit," they get into the Haloween Spirit, the Thanksgiving Spirit, the Easter Spirit, Valentines Spirit, and if they sold plastic statues of dogs doing macrame, they'd probably get into the "If Pets Had Thumbs Day" spirit too (March 3rd, incase you were wanting to celebrate If Pets Had Thumbs Day with them.)

Dude. Seriously.


The Single Girl said...

Is it strange that that picture makes me miss the old neighbourhood?

Jenn and Steve said...

A little bit, but I understand. No one does gawdy quite like Parkdale!

kodeureum said...

Cut exuberance a little slack, why don'tcha?