Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We have enjoyed a few delightful relaxing days between Christmas and New Years, really taking the time to do as little as humanly possible. Lots of chilling, cuddling, and general laziness. It's been heavenly!
I've been feeling a little abused lately, as my son seems to be "overly fond of the miracle of breastfeeding" as Steve so kindly puts it. Not so kindly, my kid is a boobaholic. I've been feeling a little like my only purpose is as a Milk Truck. Griffin often falls asleep feeding, and no matter how long he sleeps, when I try to remove him from me, he's wide awake suddenly. I'm one gigantic soother, and not so happy about it. I do love breastfeeding him, but lately it's been a bit much, especially when he chooses to hang out at the all night diner. I'm hopeful it's a "phase" and will pass. We had a little chat the other day about his new tooth, and the appropriate (and inappropriate!) behavior that goes along with it, and so far he seems to be taking it to heart. Thank christ for that!
Last night we spent a delightful evening with a few friends here at our country abode. We ate way too much food and drank just enough booze, watched a nice festive movie (Kill Bill, Vol. 1), and rung in the New Year with a bit of champagne, and the only version of Auld Lang Syne that we could find on the computer - Our buddy Woody playing the hand saw, table saw and shop vac on last season's Toolbox Christmas. Griffin even managed to wake up about 5 minutes before midnight to join in the celebration. All in all a lovely evening. We awoke this morning and grazed on the food that we didn't eat last night - Brie and two Bite Brownies for Breakfast...ah, the holidays!

Griffin enjoys Lisa's chest instead of mine for a while!

Today we headed to Milton for the afternoon, for what seems to have become our traditional New Years Day activities - more grazing at the James residence and a hike in the conservation area, in a futile attempt to burn off some of the mass quantities of food that we manage to consume over the holidays.

Tomorrow is back to the grind for Steve, and back to whatever it is that I do for me. We're hoping for a bit of the white stuff to decorate our lawn soon, even though the holidays are over. We'd prefer the decorative version, instead of the plow the driveway for 2 hours every morning version, but we would like the chance to enjoy some outdoor activities that come with the snow...namely we want to be able to tie Griffin's new sled to the Dudler and teach him to mush!

Hope your holidays we're as delightful as ours! Happy New Year to y'all!

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