Friday, February 09, 2007


So I'm slowly fixing all the stuff that went hairy when I switched to the new blogger. So far I'm unimpressed. It's not that it's not better, because I think it is, I just thought it would be revolutionary or something. Instead it's just a little bit more user friendly, but I still have to deal with code when posting links, which is annoying!

But anyway...

I finished my Real Estate course yesterday (wahoo!) and now have to wait 3 weeks for my marks. You think they could take a bit LONGER to mark 30 exams!

In other news, the drift formerly known as our driveway has reached some impressive proportions:
I'm off tomorrow to visit my Ma, to help her unpack and sort out the chaos that is her new home. She has no internet hooked up yet so I may be absent for a few days, or if she does get it hooked up, I'll be all over it cause it'll be high speed and I can get upload as many pictures as the high speed can handle! Except I've reached the limit on my Flickr tedious. I think I'll just start another one.

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David Demchuk said...

There, I just bought you guys a Flicker Pro account--no need to start another one :) Enjoy!