Friday, February 23, 2007

Dar She Blows! (Or the sequal to Easy Come - "Easy Go...")

Internet, meet Red:
Red is our new garden tractor! Isn't he beee-utiful?!

Red was an orphan, left at the John Deere dealership (even though he's red,) traded in for a shiny new 2310, just like Dave's. Poor Red. We think he'll be a perfect fit for our family - he's just as good looking as the rest of us around here, and he comes complete with a snow cab to keep the Tractor Driver (that'd be me!) snow and wind free. And a pine scented airfreshener to boot. He did a bang up job of clearing the driveway when we brought him home this afternoon, and we expect that the mower deck that's currently in the greenhouse will be just as effective come spring.

Thank you Irene the bank lady for screwing up, and thank you Steve for not noticing that Irene the bank lady screwed up! And thank you thank you thank you to Ma (that'd be my Ma) for her generous contribution to Red. You can come over and take him for a spin (and blow out the driveway while you're at it) any time you want!! And again, if anyone feels like following in the footsteps of Ma and David Demchuck and buying us stuff, we're here for you!

Red is totally the new Green!

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Gretel Meyer Odell said...

wow. Sweeeeeeeeet!