Monday, February 19, 2007

Easy Come....

So for the past month or so we have been in the process of refinancing our mortgage to deal with some debt and make it go away...or make it go elsewhere, however you want to see it. Today Steve discovered that there had been a small communication error between him and the bank and we are receiving a little chunk of change that we weren't planning on, that he apparently approved with out really hearing himself do so. Enough to pay the required debt and a bunch more, all without making a terribly large impact on our monthly mortgage payments.

So it's felt a little like Christmas around here today, or like we suddenly discovered a money tree in our backyard. We have a cushion of financial comfort suddenly, a luxury we have not been afforded in some time. Smart people in our situation would look upon this as an opportunity to invest, save a bit, stop living cheque to cheque. But a cushion is a very adult thing to have, and we're much more childish at heart, so immediately upon receiving the news, we made a list (which quickly morphed into an Excel Spreadsheet) of all the things we wanted to do with this new-found "wealth." It included some very responsible (ie: boring) adult things like pay taxes, pay bills, and make RRSP contributions. It also included one or two more enjoyable things, one of which may finally be a shiny NEW machine to deal with our grass and snow removal woes!! How exciting is that! We'll never be able to afford a Lawnmower Dave mower, but now we think we may be able to get something shiny and new, that will (mostly) adequately deal with our needs!

Happy Day!!

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