Monday, February 19, 2007

Griffin's Mom

The other night we enjoyed and opening of The Drawer Boy at Theatre Orangeville. As is our new custom, Mommy gets to watch the show and Daddy hangs out with Griffin and drinks wine in the lobby, because Daddy hates watching opening night performances, and prefers drinking wine, and Griffin could likely go either way, but I don't think he's quite ready to sit through a show yet!

So anywho, I'm wandering through the lobby with the little monkey on my hip before the show and this woman comes up to me who I have never laid eyes on and says "Hello! You must be Griffin's Mom!"

My kid knows more people at the theatre than I do! (Steve was taking him to work while I was on my course.) Gone are the days when I was known as Jenn, or even Steve's wife. Now I'm "Griffin's Mom."

All and all, not a bad thing to known as! I have a feeling it's just begun....

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