Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OK, I convinced Me

After messing around with things a bit, I must admit, I am thoroughly enjoying the new blogger. Thanks Single Girl, plus the reviews of your buddy in his Living Room, for convincing me to make the switch. Now I agree with you.

The ultimate question though, are you my faithful few thoroughly enjoying the new Life On The Roof??

Constructive criticisim is welcome (but I reserve the right to shoot you down or ignore you if I think you're wrong!)

With love, of course, always with love!


The Single Girl said...

I think the site looks great. As soon as I have time I will be making some updates myself.

My question to you is ... which do you like better extreme tracker or site meter?

Jenn said...

Methinks Site Meter, but me feels I haven't discovered the full potential of either...