Saturday, February 03, 2007


It's really very snowy outside. The snow drifts around here are going to be taller than us soon. Exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

What you are seeing here is the top 6 inches of approx. 4 foot tall snowfence. which will soon be rendered useless.

Clearing the driveway has once again become an exercise in futility, especially since our beloved Mac the Snowblower has suffered a fatal blow (Pun not intended, but it's appropriate!) Seems he got a rock stuck in his blades, hence only one of the blades now turn , which makes him half useless, pushing him a few feet closer to his final resting place: scrapyard. Unfortunately, it's him or the shovel for now, and since Griffin isn't quite big enough to push a shovel around, Daddy is the man. We're having kids for the same reason that everyone in the country has kids: free labour. Right now he's just freeloading until we can put him to work. I've said it before and I'll say it again - good thing he's cute.

What is NOT CUTE though is that he BIT me yesterday. Twice. I scared the shit out of him when I screamed, so I think he may have realized that his nibbly little actions have consequences.

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