Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dudley's Unauthorized Dinner

Yesterday we planned to spend an entire day of doing nothing, nada, zip, as it was Steve's first official day off in lord knows how long. By 1:00 or so we were finally finished doing all the little things, and we're able to sit down and relax and watch dancing penguins on our big screen (Happy Feet is SOOO good!)

Dudley must have got into something yesterday morning while we were busily preparing to do nothing, because he wasn't feeling great. I don't know what other dogs do when they're feeling sick, but Dudley wants to eat grass. Eating grass makes him puke, and therefore makes whatever is troubling his tummy go away.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point while we were busy doing nothing, Dudley decided that he needed to eat grass. Now. Except he was inside, with no grass in sight, so he did the next best thing. He ate all the new shoots off my spider plant in the bathroom. He ate the bottom 18" or so of the Pothos I had on top of the cabinet in the living room. And. AND. AND!!!!

He ate our trees. Our happy, healthy little trees, which I have been nurturing for the past 16 months, since we gave them to our guests at OUR WEDDING. He ate our WEDDING trees!!! Our symbolic "new life together and all that jazz" trees - he just chowed down on them like they were boring old, unsymbolic shoots of grass!!! I've been taking excellent care of them, they were amost 2 feet tall, we were planning on planting them outside this spring. I know there's only a few other of these "special" trees left in existence - I know there's one at Mom's old place, and I think there's one still thriving in Huron County somewhere...and now there's 3 stumps of symbolism left in my living room.

It was enough to warrant a serious yelling at for the dog, and some tears (which doesn't happen very often!) I gave the stumps some water, some fertilizer, and a few best wishes, and hope that they can make it past this unfortunate incident and live to see another day. I'm not hopeful.

And, I'm still mad at the dog.

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kodeureum said...

Our miniature schnauzer used to look a lot like a horse when he stood out in the back yard eating grass. He never ate a tree, though. Is Dudley feeling better or worse now?