Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun in the Nation's Capital

Our child seems to have gone over the top on the Cute-O-Meter since we got here! Not only that, he's taken to only waking up ONCE in the night. God bless Chamomile - it's a life saver!
Griffin is making full use of the ugly carpet, and has started pushing himself up on his hands and knees and doing the "I'm thinking about crawling" rock back and forth. It's very entertaining, and at the same time makes me tremble with fear!
Aside from one unfortunate incident today, where Griffin discovered that the space between the floor and the mattress of the bed is the exact same size as his head (he was a little stuck!), he's really loving it here! (I grabbed the camera and took the picture, AND THEN I realized that he was truly in distress, and not just whimpering because he was suddenly in the dark.)
Tomorrow we look forward to some Family Hopkins Macdonnell Hanging, as well as surprise Seguin, who is here too!

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