Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy 200!

Did you know that this is the 200th post on this blog...I didn't either until Dashboard told me! It would have been #202, but there was those other posts that got about I don't even go there!

So we took Griffin to the Witch Doctor today (aka the Naturopath) and I even convinced Steve to tag along, only by telling him that it was VERY IMPORTANT that he be there as support for me, and his son. And that the Naturopath was hot. Whatever works.

Anywho, we've had it up to here (this is me reaching towards the ceiling) with Griffin's sleeping habits. Which is hardly a fair name for them, Not Sleeping Habits would be more accurate. The child smiles and giggles and charms everyone he meets during the day, and then goes to bed and screams like we've laid him onto a bed of hot coals, with pins sticking into him. Eventually he falls back asleep, only to repeat the entire episode 2 hours later. And 2 hours after that. And 2 hours after that. Until dawn. Seriously. And maybe it doesn't bother him all that much, because he wakes in the morning, seemingly ignorant to the fact that he just endured what he made out to be the WORST NIGHT OF HIS LIFE, but it sure as hell bothers us adults in the house! I've stopped carrying a diaper bag because I can pack everything into the bags UNDER MY EYES!

Dr. Hottie McVoodo gave us some potions and lotions, and we're off on a homeopathic adventure in an attempt to STOP THE INSANITY and get some sleep around here. Will keep you posted!

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Mary B. Wood said...

Jenn- I found your site as a link from Kate's and so every now and again I read up on your life. It's nice to hear about Griffin and how he is a fine growing boy (well, except for those difficult nights!), but what keeps me coming back is your writing - succint, descriptive, and very funny. You have a definite talent. Thank you for some great blogging, Best, Mary (Wood)