Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Busy Week

We've been busy this week. Hence the silence here dans la blog. But not to worry dear Internet, things here are groovin along!

On Wednesday Griffin and I went to meet Master Dylan Stoski himself, who is as cute as a button (as expected!) It was nice hanging with Mama Sarah for an afternoon and just kvetching about...well...about everything really!

Thursday was a day of gardening, laundry, and car trauma. Why do cars cost so much money? (Because they're EEEE-vil!!) We spent waaay too much money getting the damn car fixed AGAIN. And then there's the tractor. Fricking thing is busted too. We're just a magnet for shitty machines. WE ARE NEVER, EVER BUYING A USED THING WITH A MOTOR AGAIN! Sorry for's as much to remind myself as it is to tell you!

Yesterday was...I can't even remember. Lots. Of something.

Today was a super fantastic productive day. We got all the piles of drywall out of the greenhouse (don't ask) and to the dump, did grocery shopping, cut a bit of grass before the lawnmower died again, and then best of all, finally moved the queen sized bed out of Griffin's bedroom. Now we can have a real bedroom, not just live in a spare bedroom with a crib shoved in it. And now we can all be in the room without tripping over each other. And now (or next week) we can ditch the country rose for good. We're going to do the bottom half in a colour something like the background of the blog, and the top half in a really light tan, with a nice white stripe? piece of moulding? in between. It's going to be delightful.

And now, since I am feeling like I have fulfilled my blogitory obligations, and since I am also feeling exhausted to the bone, as well as less than humorous, I bid you adieu.

So Adieu.

So there.

Sunday Night Edit: We changed our minds about the bedroom colours yet again. How bout we just share pictures when it's done, OK?

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