Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eating Habits of the Weird and Fussy

It has come to my attention recently that we may have a few picky eaters in this house. Ok, ok...it wasn't that recent, I've kind of known about it all along.

Steve has always been a fussy eater. Whatever, I've kind of gotten over it. I'm constantly fighting his aversions, and trying to get him to try new things - we just added Mango to the safe list - how exciting!

I was hoping Griffin would escape his fathers food aversions, but it appears he too is amongst the ranks of fussy eaters. Griffin isn't a fan of veggies, in general. Unless you mix them with bananas. I think we could likely mix diesel fuel with bananas and he'd eat that too. Squash and bananas, beef and bananas, green beans and bananas, as long as it's got bananas in it, we're good to go.

We've also recently added Cheerios into Griffin's diet. He loves to sit and pick them up with his tiny (OK, huge) fingers, and methodically shove his mouth full of them. Invariably he drops about as many as he eats. Now you would think that Dudley would be all over this like a shot, but no. Dudley has decided he's too good for Cheerios. He IS a pure bread standard poodle after all (lah dee da!) Dudley took one sniff the first time an O hit the floor, and turned his back with his nose in the air. If Dudley is going to go to the trouble of eating human food, it's going to be good. He prefers things like steak (off the counter), fresh baked short bread cookies (off the counter), or hot out of the oven scallion biscuits (off Joe and Louise's counter!)

Griffin on the other hand has no aversions to floor O's. He crawls right over to the carnage under his high chair, and proceeds to clean the floor shiny clean of any thing he may have dropped earlier in the day. I support this habit, because if the dog isn't going to eat them, I'll be dammed if I'm bending over and picking up the stupid things all day long! I just call it an afternoon snack, and forget about it.

Aside from Steve's vegetable aversions, he and I are more "discerning" than "picky." Heck, I'm not picky at all. But tonight we're tossing these bad boys on the BBQ:
Here's another shot, so you can appreciate their thickness:
These are the first of THIRTY NINE steaks that we currently own. A quarter of a cow comes with a lot of steaks! (Plus 40 lbs of burger, 4 roasts, a shitload of ribs and some soup bones.) We chose to try something middle of the road for our first meal, although the meat has received glowing reviews from The Wolf and Wife, who are the proud owners of the other quarter of our half of a cow. They've got a little Montreal Steak Spice massage this morning, and the steaks and their spices have been hanging out all day getting to know eachother. Hot damn I'm looking forward to dinner! We're likely to die young and poor, but we sure won't be hungry!


kodeureum said...

Ah, so it's a butchered fore quarter.

Cheerios tend to roll on occasion once they hit the floor, don't they? And doggie kibble shouldn't be disparaged: it keeps Dudley healthy.

Jenn and Steve said...

It's actually a side of beef, divided in 2 lots - some from all parts of dear old Bessie.

Just because Dudley eats dog food, doesn't mean Griffin should. Dudley also eats cow shit, and licks diapers clean - it doesn't affect him, but his stomach is (thankfully!) different than ours!

Gretel said...

Never thought raw flesh could look so GOOD!