Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A fantastic day

We had the most delightful day today! The Milligan/Schwager family arrived (late!) last night, and after a boozy evening, we all had a great sleep and then headed out this morning for a wee hike with our boys on the Bruce Trail. The hike was followed by a lovely drive, and then another lovely drive, and lunch in Creemore, where we promply devoured a table full of food and a pitcher of FRESH Creemore Beer, straight from the brewery next door (ain't nothing like beer fresh out of the brewery!)

We kissed Jeff, Lex and Timothy goodbye in Creemore, as they we're on their way (indirectly, I suppose) to the east coast, where they're setting up shop for a while. So sad to see them go...we'll miss you guys!!

I stopped on our way home for a visit with a freind who lives close by, which turned into a few beers on the porch in the afternoon sun, while Griffin sat in their sandbox shoveling sand into his mouth. Everybody wins!

To top it all off, I got a phone call this morning, and set up a meeting for tomorrow morning with a local real estate agent, about possibly becomming his assistant.

Now if they would just bring back the effin lawnmower and I could cut the grass, life would be pretty close to perfect!

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