Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where's the beef?

In our freezer. A whole quarter of a cow (dey call dat a split side.) In our freezer! It's quite impressive, and terribly country of us!

I cut the grass again today. It looks so beee-utiful when it's freshly cut! And then it poured rain, so I can cut it again in 2 days. It's OK, I secretly enjoy it. (Welll....maybe not so secretly. I bounce around on that lawnmower with a shit eating grin on my face for an hour and a half...I kind of love it, OK???)

Don't hate me because I'm weird. If you're going to hate me for anything, hate me for the fact that my lawnmower is way sexier than yours.

1 comment:

kodeureum said...

Is it a hind or front quarter and did you have it butchered before you froze it? I'd hate to have to wait for that whole thing to thaw...