Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Doing what the shirt says (except not in a boat!)

Griffin is becoming more and more steady on his feet, and more and more FAST on all fours! He's hard to keep up with! And, I am petrified to report, yesterday I turned around and he was no longer on the floor, he had made it up the first step of the staircase! One down, thirteen to go...egads!
We had a lovely weekend, officially moving Fathers Day to Monday since both Steve and I had to work on Sunday. We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa, Griffin spent the day proudly displaying his high levels of mobility, and his continuing fortitude in nap avoidance. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, cooked by Steve even though it was Father's Day - the day warranted taking the best steaks out of Beef Land in the freezer, but letting little ol' me barbecue said Porterhouses was absolutely out of the question! I did do the dishes though...which I only do on VERY special occasions!

We ALL enjoyed the steaks, Griffin included, who has discovered a new favourite past time, one that I also favoured as a kid - showing the old T bone who's the boss of it! Those 4 teeth of his, that's who!

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