Saturday, June 30, 2007

You may have noticed my new feature:

The "One Sentence Says It All" post, based on this website (fun!) Because, as the website says, most of the best stories that we tell from our lives have one really, really good part that make the rest of the boring story worth it. So here's to brevity. And getting to the point. And to make up for all the long assed stories that I often post here! (And quite honestly, the goofballs at One Sentence don't seem to find any of my submissions publishable, so screw them, I'm posting them here!)

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Hey there...

Just to clarify, there's only one goofball that runs the site. And just because your stuff hasn't been published doesn't mean it won't -- the influx of several thousand submissions makes it a tad hard to keep up!

But that shouldn't stop you from posting your own here, too. Just in case it takes me a while to get to yours. :)