Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Crazy Index: HIGH

Apologies for the delays in the customary once a month diatribe of love to my son. I know you're all wondering where it is, I just know you are! It's been busy around here. We're shifting into high gear, and when we do that it seems some things get lost in the shuffle. Like the laundry that's been hanging on the line since Monday. And my sanity.

To top off the high level of crazy in our lives, Griffin has decided that sleep is for pussies again. Now maybe that's not fair...I think he really wants to sleep between 2 and 4am, it's just that crying is more fun, or something. I have no idea, really, how to explain his strange and OH SO FRUSTRATING nighttime fits, and since I can't explain them, it's pretty hard to solve them. Oh well, we carry on, persevere, in hopes that some day soon we'll wake up at 7am in our own bed, just me and Steve (and likely Dudley), without having left it since we laid our head there the night before. PLEASE GOD!

OK, that's all for now. Stay tuned...

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