Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eleven Months

Dear Griffin,

Last week you turned 11 months old. The most shocking thing about that is that it means that next month you'll be ONE YEAR old!

Some days it seems easy, being a parent to the cutest baby on the planet. And some days, like a few days this week specifically, we considered placing you out by the road with a big ol' "FREE" sign on your belly, hopeful that someone else would take you away, and figure out what it was that was turning you into the devil incarnate. You seem to be a bit happier today with the arrival of tooth number 6, and all I can say is that it arrived just in time, since dump day is tomorrow. (Just kidding baby, we'd never take you to the dump...we'd at least try to get a few bucks for you!)

Other than your devil days, you've been a ton of fun this month. Your intense curiosity for everything that isn't yours has turned this place into nothing short of Fort Knox, there are more gates in this place than there are at the airport! You love to explore every corner of every room, behind every chair, look out all the windows, and recently you've really taken command of the stairs too, which scares me just a wee little bit. It's OK, we had an extra gate kicking around, and it's at the bottom of the stairs now! You are intent on being where the action is, and if there is stuff happening in a place that you can't get to, it's often cause for End Of The World Tears. They're impressive, those tears! We often (OK, I often) forget to close the bedroom door behind us, and if I do, before you can say "Where'd the baby go?" you're through the bedroom, connecting powder room, shower room and pooper (Like practically the ENTIRE length of the house!) and on your way to either flush the toilet, or have a tasty snack out of Dudley's bowl, or into the ever growing pile of empty beer bottles at the back door, desperately searching for a swig of beer that someone may have left in a bottle. You're fast, not to mention determined.
Speaking of Dudley, you two have gotten quite close this past month. You enjoy the sensation of having your fingers licked, and Dudley enjoys the sensation of taking food from your grubby little fingers! It's really quite sweet actually - you'll go out of your way to tear something in half, and proceed to gobble the first half, and then drop the second half on the floor for Dudley, who is, as always, waiting patiently underneath your chair for the spoils. Since we've moved onto people food and ditched the baby food, Dudley's fussiness seems to have disappeared! (Go figure!) All this feeding seems to make Dudley feel as if he's obligated to endure the inevitable pokes and pulls that Griffin offers up later in the day. Hey, one good turn deserves another.

You're getting VERY steady on your feet, cruising the furniture with ease. I still stand by the prediction that you'll be walking by your birthday (don't make a liar out of me please!) Your reach is also getting longer, and as things move higher and higher in the house, we yearn for the day when we can trust a book or a piece of paper in your hands. Until then, up and away they go, otherwise they get torn to shreds!

You are a very vocal little boy, and have all kinds of crazy sounds in your repertoire. One of the best definitions of "Griffin" that we've found so far is "an eagle in the fore, a lion in the hinder." Two of your favourite sounds are squawking like a bird, and roaring like a lion! You were aptly named! You've also picked up a bit of the sign language that we've been drilling into your head since you were about 3 seconds old. With a little bit of creative imagination, we can see the signs we've been teaching you.

You've also become quite the social butterfly. You're a joy in a crowd of people, you'll make the rounds to say hello to everyone, while always keeping an eye on where Mom or Dad are. But you've no qualms about being picked up or held by anyone at all, and will show off your best smiles on cue. As long as you're not tired, then all bets are off!
We love you little dude, and every day as your personality emerges, we love you even more. I love that you love to laugh, and I love that you love to snuggle at the end of the day. You've recently also started "giving kisses" which consists of half opening your mouth and leaning in, ever so slightly to the bearer of the kiss. You did it for me for the first time today, and I swear I fell in love with you all over again. You rock, my man, and we love you to pieces!



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I love the video! What a smartie!


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What a lovely article -- thanks for sharing it.