Friday, August 31, 2007

Gone Visitin'

Yesterday Griffin and I made the trek into the big Stink and had lunch with the ladies. I was a lady who lunches yesterday! A picnic in the park with Alexis and Gretel, and Griffin the only baby in sight! (It means you get all the attention, so it's not so bad!)

Alexis and I then hit the Starbucks for yummy latte goodness. Griffin hung out in the corner of the Starbucks and banged on the big glass window at all the people on the street. I just don't understand the people that can walk by an ADORABLE blond baby banging on the window and smiling from ear to ear at them, without even cracking a smirk. Like seriously, people, have you NO joy in your lives??? Anywho...

After lattes, Griffin and I toddled off to Chez Stoski for a wee visit. We forgot to take any pictures there, Mama was to busy keeping Griffin's little paws out of trouble in a home where the baby isn't quite big enough to pull all the library books off the coffee table. Luckily, mine is, and those library books got told what for!! Soon, Mama Stoski, soon! That little Dylan is not so little anymore and will be re-arranging those candles in your fireplace any day now!

A nice drive home, a very productive evening, and off to bed we went. Overall, I'd have to say a most excellent day!

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Sarah said...

I know! Neven and I keep saying that we have to start changing the place officially. The decorative fireplace will be the first thing to go. What? Is a giant mirror and open flame dangerous?! hee hee