Monday, September 03, 2007

Labour Day reflections

Tomorrow, our baby boy turns 1. One. The big Oh-One. Can you believe it? I can't.

Last year, at precisely this time, I think there was likely some screaming and whatnot going on. Screaming in the most graceful way possible, that is. I spent some time tonight delving into the archives of this here blog, recalling (mostly) fondly the last moments of pregnancy and the first few of non-pregnancy, aka Motherhood. (You can delve too if you want, but I'm not going to be all klever and link back right here, you're all grown ups, you can figure it out!)

I think I'll save the official reflecting over the past year for the official one year post, which will happen, sometime before Griffin turns 2. I promise! It's a big thing though...huge understand!??!! (Don't you??!!)

Big plans for tomorrow include Daycare, a Sales Meeting, a design presentation at Theatre Orangeville by none other than Yours Truly, since none other than Steve-Truly is off in the booming metropolis of Blyth, with Dudley the bee-stung dog. Then I'm going to spring the monkey from Daycare early, and we're going to celebrate by going out for beers all around, and then to the park. The official party is Sunday, where we will celebrate the Lucas Family Virgo Fest in style with 21 (or so) of our closest friends .

In the mean time, I give you the cutest 364 day old baby you'll ever meet!!

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