Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Happy Birthday Boy!

Late last night, someone of Freecycle offered up a Sandbox...something I have been wanting to get for Griffin for a while, but we decided to wait and build one next year. But I didn't really want to wait, and when it came up last night, I snagged it! Not only that, but this kind lady had all kinds of Garage Sale Leftovers, which she insisted I rummage through. So a new sandbox, and a whole whack of "new" toys greeted Griffin when he came home from Daycare today. He couldn't have been happier (as you can see!)

We are missing Daddy-o terribly today, but the call of duty had to be answered and he's in Blyth. We're celebrating properly on Sunday, and until we can celebrate all together as a family, it doesn't really feel like a birthday at all. Despite Steve's absence, Griffin and I had a great time today and this evening, with a little mini celebration out for dinner.

I also spent some time this afternoon getting all teary over the labour and birth pictures that Gretel took one year ago....a rite of passage I suppose....and I'll likely do it every year!

Happy Birthday, Little Dude! I have more to say, but I'll wait till we can all be together to celebrate this momentous day in style. And with CAKE!!

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