Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tidbits from Today

My tummy hurts. It MAY have something to do with all the leftover birthday cake I've been eating since Sunday. MAY. Also may NOT. Birthday cake is soooo good though....

Yesterday I went to Winners and bought the cutest little dress for Dan-o and L'Ottawa's wedding next's going to look fabu with my cowboy boots. This is rare for me - walk into Winners, pick something off the rack, try it on, buy it. I NEVER find anything that fits at Winners, but my faith is renewed. It needs some jewelry....more shopping! Plus we're staying at a cutesy-pie B and B for the night so we can get properly hammered. Wheeee!

Griffin fell over in a state of tired today and banged his face on the floor. There is nothing more disconcerting to have your baby look up at you and start wailing with blood dripping out of his mouth. He's OK though.

On the topic of cute kid number one, I am constantly amazed by how quickly a one year old baby can turn this place from neat and tidy into a disaster zone.

I think that's all I needed to share. My stomach still hurts and I'm going to go to bed with some peppermint tea, even though it's only 9:30. Take THAT, stupid stomach.


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