Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cloth Diaper SOS

So I know that there are cloth users out there reading this, and I need your advice.

We recently got back on the cloth bandwagon, we had been off for a while waiting for a shipment of bigger diapers to arrive. But we're having wrap issues. Leaking leaking everywhere! The irritating thing is it's not always - some mornings G. wakes up dry as a bone (well, aside from what's in the diaper) and other mornings he wakes up wet wet wet - like this morning, when he woke at 6:30, his jammies were soaked, crib was soaked and he was frozen! I'm surprised he slept that long! We use 2 diapers at night, one as a soaker, and one BIG one as a diaper. Some mornings the diapers aren't even totally wet, but there are still leaking issues.

Leaking onto clothes and jammies left right and centre, plus the diapers themselves makes for WAAAY more laundry than I signed on for!

So what kind of covers are you in love with? I'm currently using the Kushies covers, they're big, which is great, because adding 2 big fat diapers to an already big bottom means we need lots to cover it, and the Kushies covers do. But all this leaking, not to mention the joys of changing a soaking wet, cold, less than impressed with life baby at 6am...well, it's driving me mad! And driving me back to disposables, which I don't want to do!

I was thinking maybe I should go with wool covers - anybody have any insight on them? Anybody ever made them? Knit, or sewn with felted wool perhaps?

I have tried the Bummis covers, but they seem to leak too. It could also be a hard water, or detergent issue I suppose. I just don't want to go spending gazillions of dollars that we don't have on covers that suck!



Alicia said...

I swear by wool covers. They are fabulous! I have both knitted and wool interlock. My favorite are the wool interlock pull-ons. So incredibly easy and durable. Mine are from Luxe Baby, Wild Child Woolies and Rainbow Waters. All three are stores on HyenaCart. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll try to help!

Kate said...

I knit wool soakers; I would be happy to make you some! Arras doesn't like them but I LOVE them!! But mostly we use Kushies wraps because they come big enough for a 21 pound fatty and they have that wicked elastic leg that works way better than bummis. What kind of fold do you use when you diaper Griff? Maybe a different fold would help with the leakage.

Gretel Meyer Odell said...

I loved my Aristocrat (wool soaker) until I shrunk it! Never leaked in the bed. We now use nice big Bummis Whisper wrap knock-offs - which I know you said leaked for you, but they've been working fine for us. Our 'night diaper' is a prefold with a 'g-diaper' inside with Snappi fastener to keep it all nice and snug and then used to be wool soaker - now bummis. I like him wearing the gdiaper at night because he tends to poop first thing in the morning...I delay taking off his night diaper for a bit and usually get to flush the poop - scraping & shaking and splatting poop everywhere!

Gretel Again said...

Oh...and how are your birthday diapers working out? I hate the Gerber ones we bought - I can't believe how 'cheap' they are - after one wash they look years old and they just don't seem as absorbant as my existing ones. Ah well, you win some, you lose some!

One thing I'll say about the kushies wraps - they are big and cover well - but if moisture gets to the elastic trim on the legs, it will wick out and wet the bed. I think that may be part of the problem - and that just depends totally on what position they happen to be in when they pee and whether there's contact between the trim and the bedclothes.

xine says said...

My host family in Fredericton, Erica and Alan use bamboo for Max(age 2), but they're just starting with them, so I'll get back to you...