Sunday, October 21, 2007

Diaper Dilemmas

Last week I went out and bought a wool sweater and cut it up into pieces to make a wool soaker. It worked OK for the first half of the night, but by the morning the bed was all wet. I don't know what went wrong. First off, Griffin is a HEAVY HEAVY wetter. The other night I tried a G Diaper instead of a cloth soaker and I could have rung both of them out in the morning - they were DRIPPING wet. Last night I put a cloth soaker inside a disposable. That actually worked. But I really want to get this wool soaker thing figured out. The sweater didn't shrink that much when I washed it, so something tells me it's not as much wool as I thought it was. But I did buy a second sweater, this one claims to be 70% wool, and it hardly shrank either. So what gives?

AHHHH...this is driving me crazy!

Here's a few pictures of a VERY tired boy and his new "Lederhosen" as Steve has taken to calling them. They're actually a bit too small too. Baby's bottom is larger than I though!


Kate said...

Go for 100% wool, Jenn, because when its only 70% it usually means its combined with acrylic which actually prevents the wool from shrinking. The acrylic (or other fibre) holds the wool in its original shape so no shrinking, no feltage. Have fun - I'm working on my knitted ones for you!

Gretel said...

Yeah, like Kate said - gotta be 100% - with lots of natural oils still in it - I suspect the wool in the blends has also been processed all to hell and ain't got much lanolin left in it. It also looks like the sweater you used might be pretty loose knit - the Aristocrat is a very dense, fine knit.

All this aside, though - sounds like G is an awesome wetter, so you do have a challenge!