Monday, October 15, 2007

Forgot to mention

Yesterday while trying to extract yet another unidentified foreign object from Griffin's mouth, I made a shocking discovery - a MOLAR! It looks like it's been there for a while, just hanging out on the top left side of his mouth, all lonesome like and forlorn.

A molar just may explain any number of the times that I've felt like putting Griffin out on the curb in the past few months. Who knows how long it's been there?

Also, while I'm here, have you ever had the chance to watch your kid fall ass over tea-kettle down the stairs? I wouldn't recommend it - it's not on my list of "things that give me warm fuzzies." It will, however, go on the list of "things that age you 5 years in 30 seconds or less!" Everyone is fine, Griffin cried for about 30 seconds, cuddled for about 30 more seconds, and then looked up and asked me for food (a la sign language.) Meanwhile, my heart rate went back to an acceptable level no less than 45 minutes later.

Adventures in Parenting...never a dull moment!


Gretel said...

Ah yes, the thrilling sensation of being above your child on the stairs and watching them reach up for you and.....good fun, always. As for the molars - I had the same revelation some months back...only I discovered THREE - which just goes to show how much less tuned in to your kid you are with number two!

Kendra said...

I never had the experience of watching my son fall..but I did have the phone call from my MIL saying I needed to get to the hospital and my son was in the emergency room. He had fallen down the stairs at her house (old, wooden, mega steep stairs) and cut his head open. I nearly died trying to get there. Not an experiance I'd recommend :).

(found you on NaBloPoMo)

Jenn said...

Have missed out on that one so far...thank goodness!!