Friday, October 19, 2007

From Clouds to Sunshine

So this afternoon as we drove home from O'ville (after a visit to Baby #2 - Hudson Robert, who finally arrived after THREE inductions!) Griffin fell asleep in the car, as per usual. Having already awoken him once that day when he fell asleep on the way to O'ville, I really wasn't to keen on waking him up when we got home, knowing EXACTLY how charming he'd be all afternoon without a proper nap. It's a rare day that we can transport him sleeping from car to crib, without him waking up. As we turned onto our road, the black skies that had been threatening all the way home opened up, and it started to POUR! Faced with waking a sleeping baby and schlepping him and our purchases and all our gear into the house in the pouring rain, I decided it just wasn't worth it. So I turned the car off, leaned my seat back, and shut my eyes, figuring what the hell, if Griffin can nap in the car, so can I!

I woke up OVER AN HOUR later, and Griffin started to stir about 5 minutes after I did. When we woke up, the rain was gone, and the skies were bright and sunny, not to mention both of us were well rested and ready to carry on! If only it always worked like that!


Kate said...

Sounds like utter bliss. I had to take Cam out in an emergency stroller walk tonight to get him down because it just wasn't happening any other way! You're so clever - I love those eureka-take-advantage-of-the-moment situations!

Gretel said...

Sometimes it's so hard to see the most obvious solution....BRAVO!