Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Day

Today is our 2 year blogoversary! Can you believe it, that I've actually stuck with this thing for 2 whole years!? Me neither.

A lot has gone down here on the roof since that very first post. We've done some renos, dug some gardens, plowed a few gardens under, put up a greenhouse, dug ourselves out of the snow a few times, planted trees, planted vegetables, put up fences, and cut more than our fair share of grass. There's been a few funerals, more than a few weddings, and soooo many babies!! We've gone to far away places, and nearby places too. Looking back on it all, we've been busy!

Despite the fact that it seems that we rarely have time to sit down and enjoy the oasis we're so busy creating, we do love it here. Never once have I thought "gee, I wish I could move back to Toronto." Nope. Never thought that at all. Those who come to visit us from their various corners of the earth invariably come back again and again. And it sometimes takes a while for us to get them here, but once they come, they often threaten to move in. We love showing off our version of paradise!

I'm glad the few dozen or so of you that head here on a regular basis continue to do so. This has been such a wonderful forum for me to share/vent/etc., but it's nice to know that others enjoy it too. Please keep coming, and please share your comments - I love it when you do!


Debra Dalgleish said...

Congratulations on your second year of blogging! Always entertaining and enjoyable to read.
I look forward to many more years of reading.

Gretel said...

Happy Bloggoversary to you! You are an inspiration to your breed! My blog per se is not as old as yours, but I have been blogging in my own way since the launch of our family website...which will celebrate it's SIXTH anniversary in the coming weeks! Thanks for being one of my most loyal visitors. It's always joyful to visit the roof and find something new! lots of love,G