Monday, October 08, 2007

Photos from this GORGEOUS weekend!

30 degrees on Thanksgiving...who'da thunk it? Last year we had our first snow on the 13th of October, and the year before that on the 23rd. And now? 30 degrees!!

We had a great weekend! Today Mom, Griffin and I spent the afternoon in the park that we were going to go camping at on Saturday night, so I still feel like in some small way we've kept the tradition alive.

I've just uploaded a ton of pictures to the Flickr account, for those of you who come here solely to see the cute baby. Here's a few of my faves:

Griffin practices his Halloween moves?? This has become the universal symbol for "help me" in our house. It applies in many cases. In this instance, it was sign language for "put me back up on the silver slidey thingy!'

This absolutely the best shot of the weekend...isn't my boy a beauty!!

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