Saturday, October 06, 2007

Raining on my Parade

A few years ago we started a lovely family tradition of going camping on Thanksgiving weekend. My folks would haul out the motorhome one last time, pack it up, and drive to somewhere in the middle, and my brother and I would come from our various corners of the earth, and join them for a camper meal in the countryside. It wasn't so much about an elaborate meal, but more about spending quality time with family. It was nice!

Mom sold the motorhome this year, which I totally understand, but it sort of put a kibosh on the tradition that I have fallen very much in love with. So last night, driving home from the city, I decided the hell with it, lets keep it up after all. I got home and did a little bit of arm twisting and convinced Steve to go camping tonight, just for the night, close to home. Weather depending, he agreed.

Well, it's currently monsooning outside! Not just drizzling, not a steady rain, or even a downpour - it's a fricking MONSOON!! I swear to god, it's coming down like....well, like....oh, maybe like it rained the LAST time we were camping! What's up with me and camping and rain??

I don't think we're going to be keeping the tradition alive after all. Boo. Maybe next year!

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Gretel said...

guess you're just gonna have to get a motor you can weather the monsoons in cosy dry comfort...or you could just stay in your house.