Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

Well, it's official, winter is HERE.

Outside it's doing nasty things. So nasty that we've cancelled our date in Toronto tomorrow night. This time around, they're supposed to be getting the white stuff down there too, and we all know what the first big snowfall of the season does to most Toronto drivers. That's right - it erases their memory of all driving skills and common sense they had before the snowfall (if they had any to begin with.) Tomorrow should be a fun traffic day in the city - accidents galore, people in ditches, closed roads and ramps. Which is why we're staying right here. Because who the heck needs to drive to Toronto to land in the ditch, when we can do it right here, close to home!

We had a VERY close call in a car vs ditch battle tonight. Car won. Thank CHRIST, because we just couldn't have dealt with ONE MORE THING today. Thanks to some very excellent driving skills on the part of my husband (and I sometimes doubt those skills...for this I now apologise!) we swished and swerved and fishtailed and spun (but not totally around) and landed nose to ditch, with about 6 feet to spare. As usual, Griffin slept through the whole thing.

Tomorrow we will be putting the snow tires on the car.


Sarah said...

We will be taking the subway today for our adventures. As my mother always says about drivers and the first snow...

"It's not so much the cold as the stupid."

Gretel said... bike commute was pretty intense today - driving pellets of freezing rain, slippery streets, crazy drivers and one seized brake ankles are still cold - but I did it, dammit - and yes, you should stay right where you are with your nice cosy gas fireplace on!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Found you via Jayna . . . could you please send some snow to Pittsburgh? I really, really want some. Maybe three or four inches? If we could get the first snow while I'm out of town, I could miss out on the amnesia thing that strikes there as well (what? it snows in Pittsburgh? since when? oh yeah, since ALWAYS.). I HATE the first snow. But I love every one after that.

Victoria said...