Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Past, Present and Future

Jayna over at My Longest Year has tagged me...so heck, I'll play! But I'm not tagging anyone else...like her, me hates it! You can play if you want though...it's kind of fun to think about. So in accordance with the rules of "Christmas Past, Present and Future" I present to you the list of my favorite childhood Christmas gift, my favorite gift that I received as an adult, and a gift that I would like to receive in the future!

My favourite childhood gift was not so much about the gift. Let me explain - My Dad was a wholesale florist, and as you can imagine, one of his busiest times of the year was at Christmas. Dad rarely did any christmas shopping for the family, and in fact, once I was old enough to drive I was handed a stack of cash and sent out Christmas shopping for my Mom, from Dad. It was a task I thoroughly enjoyed...and I might have occasionally bought myself a little something while at the mall. But I do remember one year, my Dad came home with a TV. A big one. (In those days.) He plunked it down in the living room, and I remember being slightly astounded. Not only did my Dad just bring home a massive TV, bigger than our family had ever seen, but he had actually MADE the time to go out and get us a special family present. That was kind of a big deal in my little head. I think even my mom was surprised!

My favourite gift that I have received as an adult would have to be my husband...and my baby boy, all in the same day! Again...let me explain! Steve and I got married almost 2 years ago on December 23rd. It was very much a christmas wedding, and we would have actually done it on Christmas Eve if there weren't so many family conflicts for our guests. Our wedding day was actually also the day that we found out I was pregnant...yes, that's right - most brides wake up on the morning of their wedding and have a manicure or something. Me, I peed on a stick! It was a beautiful day, with a little secret that we kept (mostly) to ourselves. One of my girls actually turned to me mid-day, looked me up and down, and said "ARE YOU PREGNANT??" To this day, I have no idea how she knew. Maybe it was the fact that my boobs were falling out of my corset dress! Yes ladies, you too can have an impressive rack just for your wedding day - you just need to get knocked up!

As far as future presents, I think I gotta get sappy and say that all I wish for is the continued health and happiness of our family. And maybe a little sister for the G some day!

That's it! If you wanna play, go ahead and play too!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

If you're going to get knocked up before marriage, THAT'S the way to do it. What a fantastic wedding gift!

jayna said...

I agree. That is an excellent wedding and Christmas present!