Thursday, December 27, 2007

A very merry christmas indeed.

Christmas rocked this year! Despite the fact that I only had christmas day off work, and just got home from a stupidly long day, it has been a ton of fun. Griffin was a joy, it seems we now have a Lego Master in the making...can I tell you how FANTASTIC it is to have a toy that will occupy him for more than 37 seconds? He is in LOVE with his new mega blocks, and spent the better part of christmas day stacking them up, and taking them apart, rinse and repeat. Considering that both Steve and I were Lego obsessed when we were young, I would expect nothing less of G.

We spent Christmas day with Oma and Grandma and Grandpa, and yesterday we made the drive to spend the afternoon and evening with my Mom's side of the family...all 38 of us! Unfortunately, it was 7:30 by the time we sat down to dinner, and since that's usually BED time for the little man, he was a BASKET CASE. Basket Case progressed into Insane Basket Case by around 8:30, and then into uncontrollable insane supercalicrapilistic basket case by the time the gifty exchange was done at 9:30. We were out the door about 90 seconds after the gifts were done, and Griffin was passed out about 0.5 seconds after we put the car into drive for the 2 hour tour home. A LONG day!

Can I just say, making a wish list and publishing it on this blog was the BEST idea I've ever had!

Pictures of the entire affair, along with all the christmas crafting finally revealed are to follow. Later. Right now, me bed.

OH....I just got some CRAZY news from my brother...I'm not sure if it's sharable yet...Stace? Paul? Can I share?


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You can't leave me like that. Must share. Now.

Legos are certainly one of man's greatest inventions. Magna-Doodle is right up there, though.

Sarah said...

what is the news? blog readers everywhere are dying to know! At least I am.