Sunday, December 09, 2007

We're Baaaaaack!

We've been to Winterpeg. We froze our patooties off. We're home. Maybe more on all that later. And maybe not!

Here's a weeks worth of blogging in pictures...including the hunt for, and the cutting down of our MASSIVE christmas tree!

We all got colds in Winterpeg. Maybe because it's minus five hundred and fourty three degrees there. Seriously - you don't know cold until you know Winterpeg I say. The best cure for a cold - RIBS!!! Griffin digs in and gets dirty!
Apres Ribs, a visit to the Winterpeg Children's Museum. Which was So. Much. Fun!!! Here Griffin tests out the top bunk in an old railway car. So. Much. Fun!!"I'm pressing all the buttons, but try as I might, I can't crash this thing like I can crash Mommy's computer at home!"
A new passion discovered - slides! And, whoever decided to put a playground INSIDE the Winterpeg airport is pure genius. Is it just me, or do other people get creeped out by old men sitting by themselves watching kids play? Maybe I'm just inherently suspicious. Oh well, Griffin had fun!We arrived home yesterday. This morning we were off for a little family christmas fete. My already large family is expanding by leaps and bounds, and its CHAOS!! My dad was one of 6 kids, everyone married and had 2 kids. Now most of the 12 grand kids are married, and we're all breeding at once! Trying to get them all to pose for a picture is next to impossible, but here's a few of them. There's actually 3 more of them, and by next christmas we can add another 2. Giddyup!After family chaos we headed out on the hunt for the perfect tree. And here she is, in her natural habitat:You're likely thinking to yourself, "that's a MASSIVE tree" and yes, yes it is! We have the luxury of high ceilings, and we like to enjoy that luxury. This one is likely the largest tree we've had yet...maybe this one is a bit too big. Oh well, she's here to stay now!

Here, Griffin makes me look like a bad parent only wearing a sweater, but I must come to my defence and say that his winter coat got soaked when a rogue sippy cup emptied itself on it, so we bundled him up in the sled with blankets and Daddy's coat around him. But did he stand for being bundled up and immobile when there was running around to do? Of course not!!And that my friends, is a week in a nutshell.

Now, we must go re-acquaint ourselves with the 110 119* inch screen in our basement, with a little larger than life Jack Sparrow. Arrrgh!!

*the head geek informed me that I was erronious in my statement of measure. My appoligies. To you gentle readers, and to the head geek. I pretened to be a geek. I try hard!!

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